Online Video Conference Counseling & Coaching

As the world speeds up so do our individual lives.  Breaking away from work or other responsibilities to empower yourself and work on you has become increasingly more challenging.  At Total Wellness Resource Center we want to help remove the obstacles by having our counselors or coaches come to you. We can meet you in your home, office or wherever you would like through video conferencing. Simply set up an appointment as if you were coming to our office but instead of taking several hours you need only to allot the time it takes for your session. All you will need to do is set up a Skype account (it’s free!).

*Notify us when this is completed and we will add you as a contact on our Total Wellness Skype account.

Start living the life you've always wanted - one of balance, purpose, fulfillment, and Overall wellness. 

Call us or logon to your patient portal and schedule your appointment to get started on your journey to finding the you, you were created to be. 


Is video conferencing as effective as meeting in person?

Studies have shown that video conferencing is a highly effective way of counseling and coaching and leaves the client with a high level of satisfaction.

Can I supplement my office visits with video conferencing?

Yes! It can be a very effective strategy to occasionally meet in person and then use video conferencing the rest of your sessions.

How private is our meeting?

Video conferencing is as secure as a private phone call so if you are comfortable having a conversation on the phone then video conferencing should not be a major concern. To insure the highest level of confidentiality we always video conference from a private office and you will need to secure a private place on your end also.

How do I know if video conferencing is right for me?

This should be discussed between you and your counselor or coach prior to your video conference session. There are some scenarios where a personal meeting is necessary but the great majority of your sessions would probably be well suited to video conferencing.

What are the costs?

There are no extra fees for video conferencing, but regular session rates apply. We provide this as a convenient service for our clients.