Elite VIP Experience


Elite VIP Experience

from 195.00

Price based on your customized program.

Your E.V.E program starts with a 360, 5 touch point Total Wellness Assessment, followed by a personalized detail step-by-step plan that results in an amazing and sustainable "quality of life" transformation. 

Although every E.V.E program is customized, if needed, it will include the following:

  • 360 Total Wellness Assessment - includes 5 touch point evaluation; physical, emotional, spiritual, nutritional, and occupational.
  • Lifestyle Transformation strategy plan with step-by-step action items. 
  • In home Lifestyle Evaluation to help you create an environment that will enhance and reinforce your accomplishments. 
  • Reconstructing your pantry to ensure that you have plenty of wholesome, nutritional and good tasting meals and snacks on hand for you and your family.
  • Grocery Isle Tour- Decoding the confusing and often misleading nutrition labels while learning how to opt for healthier choices. 
  • Daily Meal planning with grocery list – Meals that are as simple or as complex as suits your taste.
  • Cooking clean classes – Don’t know how to cook healthy and delicious meals? No Problem! Whether you’re a master chef  or a beginner you will grow in your culinary knowledge with one-on-one training
  • All in the family – Getting healthy is a lot more fun when it’s a family adventure. Give the gift of health and  involve the entire family in nutritional education, healthy eating habits and maximize vitality for everything you want to do.
  • Get active  - We’ll walk with you step-by-step throughout your healthy lifestyle changes to encourage, educate and cheer you on.
  • Stress Management – Unmanaged stress is one of the greatest enemies to becoming healthy.  This program will help develop the life-tools needed to destress your life and develop greater inner peace.
  • Map transition and track progress – It is deeply satisfying to see your progress. . In this documented journey we will keep track of your progress and celebrate your victories. Noted success breeds more notable success. 
  • 24/7 access to your certified Wellness and nutrition consultant – We’re committed to your transformation, our commitment is not a 9-5 job. We’ll be available when you need us because your success is our passion. 
  • Dailey health tips and inspirations – To help you stay focused and develop the healthy mindset that will bring about your lifestyle transformation.
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