Regardless of who you are, where you've been, or where you want to go, life's journey can be filled with times of disappointment and brokenness. Our staff at TWRC is passionate about working with you right where you are and will assist you in moving towards becoming the fulfilled person you were created to be. You will find compassionate counseling, steeped in timeless truths and backed by mental health science, which will bring you real hope for lasting change. 

Listed below are a few areas where our counselors  can help you find solutions and balance. If you are uncertain of exactly what you are looking for but know you need to reach out for help, contact us today at 310-461-4107 or email us at to discuss  an introductory consultation and begin feeling the joy and freedom of "totally living life." 

You have already made the first and most courageous step by acknowledging the problem and reaching out for competent and compassionate help. Your next step is to schedule your free initial consultation. Our sole desire is to see you become free from self-limiting and false beliefs and learn new ways of thinking that will cause you to soar to new heights.