Meet James Tillman

Founder and CEO


James Tillman is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor  in both the state of California and Illniois. He holds a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Trinity International University and a Masters of Divinity degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. James comes to counseling after having served as a full-time staff member with an International Missions Organization and on the pastoral staff of The Orchard Church in Arlington Heights, Illinois.  James has also given leadership to several not-for-profit organization including one designed to create confidential small groups for the purpose of fostering transparency, healing, and connection within the clergy. Because of this, his counsel is highly sought out by pastors, church workers, and other not-for-profit professionals facing difficult life situations

James brings years of "real world" business experience to his counseling, having held management positions  in the financial services industry and as a certified business coach for real estate professionals. In addition, he currently serves as CEO of Big Yellow Dog LLC, a publishing company and is the co-founder of Total Wellness Resource Center.

James is trained in the Gottman Method for Marriage Counseling which is a research based, empirically proven therapy for reducing conflict and increasing closeness and intimacy in marriage. Through skills taught in this therapy, many seemingly "hopeless" marriages have been restored as couples have broken unhealthy relational patterns and found powerful new ways of relating to one another. 

He is a passionate communicator, which is expressed in everything he does, whether through speaking engagements or through writing stage plays, books or weekly blogs. “I strive to bring a lifetime of experience and training, coupled with God's grace, to each counseling session. My passion is to help clients break free from their limitations and heal their painful emotional wounds so they can soar on eagle’s wings and be all they were created to be.”

In his spare time, James enjoys exploring new backpacking trails with his wife, Cheri, and creating music on the piano and guitar. Always seeking a new challenge, he holds a second-degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

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Meet Cheri Tillman

Co-Founder and Executive Director


Cheri’s passion is helping her clients to find their “sweet spot” in life, both personally and professionally. Her background is steeped in education and real life experience. In addition to earning her MBA from Harvard Business School , she has extensive training and certifications in a variety Life Coaching Specialties:

  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Business Coach
  • Certified Wellness and Nutrition Coach
  • Certified Health & Longevity Coach.


Why so many areas of certifications? Because she knows that in order to help her clients be their best she must understand and teach balance in all areas of life.

Prior to becoming an elite coach , Cheri participated in all phases of business from successfully launching her own startup companies to holding an executive position within a $6 Billion orginization. Her work ethic and drive resulted in the development of cutting edge processes and strategies that generated success for herself and others. She continues to create life changing programs that help catapult her clients into a fulfilling and successful life.

Although she is passionate about working with others she knows it is important that she, too, live a balanced life. So, in her free time she loves to read, enjoy virtual coffees with her daughter, backpack with her husband James, hike with Walter ( the 110lb Rottie Shepard) and play in the kitchen making up recipes she never writes down.

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