Welcome to Frontline News for Spiritual Leaders

I met with a local pastor the other day, and was explaining the vision of Total Wellness Resource Center, when a powerful insight came to me. 

Pastors  are on the front line of the battle for the heart and soul of people. They are the ones who receive the phone calls at 2 AM,  the one who does the funeral for the couple who lost their baby, the one at the hospital when the woman is diagnosed with cancer. Day in and day out the Spiritual Leaders in the Church are those who face the most difficult and heart wrenching situations. Yet, most pastors receive one or two classes in seminary on how to deal with these situations. I know this first hand because I went through an entire Masters of Divinity degree with only two courses that touched upon counseling.

Total Wellness Resource Center desires to be a resource to the Spiritual Leadership within the community.  We not only want to be a resource that helps better equip the church leaders to bring healing to the broken in their congregation but also to be a safe place for the leaders to seek their own life balance. 

With this in mind, I am creating a weekly blog with the purpose to share insight with church leaders from a Christian licensed mental health counselor.  

The Front Line Blog will be:

  • Short and concise: Busy leaders do not have time to wade through a lot of verbiage to get something they can use
  • Biblically sound: Everything that is shared will find its basis in God’s word and derived from his character.
  • Practical: Truth matters but so does the way it is communicated. I am committed to sharing skills so that the truth we speak truly communicates.
  • Interactive: Frankly, no one understands the world of a pastor like a pastor. Therefore, I welcome those who follow this blog to share questions, insights and comments so that we all become better leaders. 

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