Career Coaching

What does career satisfaction have to do with Total Wellness? Everything!  

Studies show that there is a strong correlation between job unhappiness and psychological problems, relationship breakdown, self-esteem, depression, and anxiety, as well as stress related physical illness .

How can a coach help me find career satisfaction? 

The Career Coaches at Total  Wellness Resource Center are trained to help you define your dream career, equip you with tools needed to succeed in the career, while keeping you balanced in life - resulting in  your wellness. 

When do I need a Career Coach?

In today's economy, when the average length to find a job is  41 weeks and competition is at its all time high, standing out in your industry is a necessity not a luxury.  So if you're stuck in a job rut, unemployed, eager to try a new field, elevate to the next level in your current job,  or want to repackage yourself for prospective employers  - it's time!

Coaching helps you to examine what is going on in your life, discover what your obstacles or challenges might be and choose a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be.

20 things your coach can help you with:

  1.  Achieve success and become empowered through self-awareness 
  2.  Identify your Dream Job and reach for it 
  3.  Gain an advantage on your competitors 
  4.  Conquer the interview process and close the deal
  5.  Build an executive level resume that gets you noticed 
  6.  Increase self-confidence
  7.  Conquer fears and uncertainty 
  8.  Discern your professional and personal identity
  9.  Open up to new perspectives
  10.  Discover and leverage your strengths 
  11.  Recognize your obstacles and create strategies to overcome them
  12.  Learn new skills 
  13.  Improve your decision-making skills
  14.  Improve your leadership skills 
  15.  Avoid repeating mistakes
  16.  Reduce anxiety
  17.  Maintain momentum and focus
  18.  Sustain morale and positive thinking
  19.  Improve performance and get results
  20.  Increase your sense of well-being