Are You Sabotaging Your Life?

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Some may wonder why we at Total Wellness Resource Center are so committed to our 360 degree philosophy.

It is because we are passionate about helping our clients find Total Wellness in every area of their lives. People come to us focusing on one area that is causing them the greatest concern often treating themselves as a combination of disconnected parts that have little or no connection with one another. And when they do, they end up playing a very dangerous game of whack-a-mole with their life. After bopping down one troublesome area they find there is usually another that pops up to sabotage their progress.

We can’t deny that our physical, relational, spiritual and professional lives affect each other?  I have sat in front of highly successful business professionals and heard them tell me how they would give up all their wealth and prestige to regain their heath. Or others, who realize too late that they have focused on their careers and neglected their relationships and now are experiencing deep regret and isolation.

Remember the poignant first scene from “Citizen Kane” when the last words from the billionaire’s lips were a cry from his soul for the simple peace and joy he had tragically abandoned.

Neglecting the vital connection between all the parts of our life can lead to irreparable damage and greatly diminish our capacity to experience life in all its fullness.
— James Tillman

So how are you doing in the 360 degree care of your life? It may be a good time to stop and evaluate.

To help you get started we’ve developed a short quiz that evaluates these five areas:

  • Mental Health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Physical Health
  • Nutritional Health
  • Occupational Health

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At the end of the quiz you will be given an overall 360 degree score as well how you scored in the individual areas. The quiz is a snap shot of your current condition and should not be seen as comprehensive, but it may help you identify an area that needs your attention.

Don’t sabotage your life through neglect.  Instead, commit to living the whole life you were created to live.

We at Total Wellness Resource Center want to be your partner in living a full and meaning life. If we can be of any service don’t hesitate to call or email us.