10 Steps to Create the Ultimate Vision Board

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The Science that says "WHY" this Works.

Are you one who thinks a vision board is simply child’s play, then think again. They work, and there’s actually neuroscience along with other scientific studies that help us understand the power behind this simple tool.

First of all, visualization has been proven to be one of the most powerful mind techniques you can do. A vision board is basically an extension of your mind, it takes your thoughts and couples them with actions, driving a higher level of results. Olympic athletes have been using it for decades to improve performance, and Psychology Today reported that the neuro brain patterns activated when a weightlifter lifts heavyweights are also similarly activated when the lifter just imagined (visualized) lifting weights.

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. - Joel A. Barker

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

What can a vision board do for you?

Your vision board will function similar to a road map,  or more currently ”your online Google map”, as my husband likes to call it, ”His Nav Babe”. It works as a visual reminder of your desired destination and route.  In a way, it works as a primer for your subconscious.

Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink shares examples of how simply reading lists of words designed to evoke a certain feeling such as aggression or cooperation can bring out that emotion without our conscious awareness, even if we know we’re being manipulated. It sounds a bit scary but it shows how powerful our mind works and the power of the words we feed it. That is one of the many reasons I am an advocate for using a lot of positive words, not only on my own boards but the boards of my clients.

Steve Harvey and Oprah discussing Vision Boards on OWN


Are you ready to start creating your

Vision Board?

 10  Steps to your Ultimate Board

Step 1: Clear your mind

The most important step to creating any goal or vision is to empty your mind of old thoughts, allowing it to be free to think without predetermined limits or boundaries. Why is this step important?  Because an empty mind is:

  • Aware—embracing the present moment and experience

  • Peaceful—it doesn’t dwell on the same thoughts

  • Intuitive—it’s receptive to input from higher sources

  • Free—from judgment and worry

  • Creative—allowing inspiration and new ideas to come in

  • Relaxed—it releases stress and fosters wellbeing

  • Energized—no effort is wasted on unwanted thoughts

I recommend meditation.

Meditation is the best way to calm your overactive mind. It’s simple and requires only a couple of things—stillness and your willingness to do it.

How to do it—find a quiet place, at your home, office or even outside in the midst of nature. Set a timer for 10 to 20 minutes.

Sit upright, on the floor, ground, or a chair, close your eyes and start focusing on your breath. Take a few breaths, in and out slowly, and follow your breath. Think of a few things that you’re thankful for and name them in your mind, then smile. As you continue to smile, follow your breath; inhale and exhale. Don’t worry if your mind resists in the beginning. Your mind may wander and you may lose focus on your breath. That’s normal. Awareness comes in waves. Just ride it as long as you can, then catch the next one.

If you have a hard time focusing on your breath, start counting with each breath. Once you are relaxed it is time to move to step two.

Step 2:  Today I Am

As in every journey, there is always a starting point. So, before you plan your journey forward you must understand where you currently stand in your life. Defining your starting point will help you set benchmarks and measurables. Grab your workbook (free download) and turn to page - "Today I Am” and answer the listed questions.

TIP: Answer the questions with your initial thought and keep them honest. Your journey forward will start to unfold as soon as you reveal your current location in life.

Step 3: What is on Your Bucket list

Webster states that a bucket list is:  "a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime." I agree with Webster except for the one word ..."hope".  I personally like to exchange "hopes to have" to "Will have".  Remember the power of words in the previous paragraph.   

Turn to the page in your planner "Bucket List" and write down EVERYTHING you dream of having and doing in your life. There are no limits to your dreams.  Make them enormous.

Step 4: Determine Your Theme

Determine a theme for your board. This can be as broad as “My Life” or as narrow as “My Career." Keep in mind; there are no ”Vision Board Quotas” so you can create as many as you want to make. In fact,

Warning; they can actually become addicting once you see the power of visualizations.

Step 5: Materials

Gather all the materials listed in your Planner on the page "Materials",  place them in the workspace you have designated to create your vision board. Keep in mind, some of the materials will need to be kept out of the hands of small children and away from quality furniture (i.e., glue, scissors, etc) but you know that already. In the business world, we call that CYA, so thanks for indulging my old corporate habits.

Step 6: Gathering Images

Your board is only as powerful as your images so choose wisely. You may find images, that at the moment feel perfect, but later you decide not to use on your board - don’t worry, I have never used all the images I ”thought” I would. Also, keep your mind open to all types of media, you can find great images in magazines, on the internet, in ads, or you may even choose to draw your own. All is fair in thought and vision. This is where “Go Bold or Go Home” is a good rule of thumb. The images you choose should move you and stir something deep inside.

Step 7: Inspirational Quotes

Now that you have gathered the images that reflect your future dreams, back them up with powerful inspirational quotes.

You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things so that all the small things go in the right direction.” Alvin Toffler

 Even if you choose mot to put the quotes directly on the board, they are powerful when placed in areas you can see them daily. Take it one step further and write them in your Planner on the designated page for quotes. Another proven fact is; when we write your thoughts down vs. just thinking them, it activates multiple areas of the brain stimulating memory. so write, write, write ...

Step 8: Let the Creative Juices Flow

It is time to create. Cut out the images and plan their placement. You can place as many or as few images on your board. The key is to make sure it speaks to YOU. Since I will be suggesting that you place your board where you can see it frequently, you may want to choose primary colors that go with your decor (or not).

Great Tip: Once you’ve planned out your board, take a photo of it before you start securing the images into place. If you are using glue, you will need to remove the images in order to place glue on the backs and the photo will help you remember their placement.

Step 9: Place and Admire.

You can place your board where wherever you desire - but, again, the power in this board is ”seeing” it regularly. I have clients who take photos of the completed board and use it as the wallpaper on their tablets and phones. You can also do like Steve Harvey did and have a photo in dozens of key locations. Regardless of where you place your board or the photos of your board, you have just embodied your dreams in a visual format.

Step 10: To Do List - Once your board is completed you will need to create a list of  actions that will turn your dreams into reality.

Now, Get ready for great things to start taking place in your life. This is your journey - make it an exciting one.

Before starting your Vision Board, Download and read through this Ultimate Guide designed to take your Vision Board to the next level and reboot your brain to think BIGGER.  We would love to see the photo of your board, along with your success stories.  Please send to

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