What is Get Real - Relationships?

It is an honest, unvarnished roughhewn look at how to live with each other honestly, openly and with the best hope of giving and receiving love.

This is not easy when we live in a culture that seems hell-bent on setting the relationship bar so high that we come crashing down to earth when we miss it.

So I want to interject some reality into our romantic mass delusion because the truer our expectations conform to what is real the more prepared we will be to live our best relationship possible. So here are some truth bombs …

  • You’re going to argue.
  •  Learn to love the imperfect in your spouse (because they need to do it with you)
  • Your parents didn’t teach you everything you needed to know about healthy relationships.
  • You’re going to feel lonely at times, even in the best relationship.
  • If you want a better partner, start by looking in the mirror.
  • Those who find “true love” had to fight or it.
  •  Relationships are the truest, fastest and most thorough way to build character.
  • It won’t get any better until you decide to become better.
  • Your hang-ups will affect your relationships, so work on them.

Believe me, I’ve got more so stay tuned!

It may sound like I’m a pessimist about relationships – I’m not. I believe that there is intense joy and satisfaction found when we connect on our deepest level with another human being. In fact, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people connect to God, themselves and others. But I’ve seen fantasy thinking sabotage what could be a beautiful life. 

So Get Real - Relationships is where I’m going to put my ramblings.

Get Real - Relationships is an online Facebook community focusing on honest, loving and mutually nurturing relationships and how to get them, build them and sustain them. It’s a place for you to ask questions, ponder new concepts and gain insight from those who are looking for real relationships – just like you.

One more thing – I am one of those who would rather not look at the truth in my own life so I’m going to be brutally honest by saying I am still in process - one step ahead of the hounds with their hot breath breathing down my neck.  I write upon my heart first before I share anything with you.  So it will be messy, just like real relationships.

Let’s get at it – I want to invite you to join the community of those who are willing to roll up their sleeves and make Real Relationship happen in their own lives. If you’re ready, say Jump!