Dare to Live After 50

 "Live and Inspire"  simply by changing your mindset

At some point in time, we all succumb to it - getting stuck in a life rut.  As we age we start finding comfort in familiarity.  Before we know it one day starts looking like the next and the next.  We’re programmed to believe that if we haven’t achieved a dream by a certain age we may as well give up. Well, I’m here to tell you that this is a myth - we are capable of bigger and better as life goes on.  As a life coach, I see many of my clients avoid risk at all cost due to an overwhelming fear of looking foolish or worse yet - failure. But no one said it better than the author of Harry Potter when she said,  

"It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default" J. K. Rowling

As we age there are certain words, thoughts, and images that move into the crevices of our mind and take hold like a squatter in an abandoned building. You know the ones I am talking about -  "I am too old to try that - I should have started when I was younger - that is too risky - I am simply too tired".  

If your brain is cluttered with these self-defeating thoughts then its time to get your dust mop out along a bucket of bleach and start cleaning out those undeserving squatters that are robbing you of your life.  

You are too valuable to limit your dreams regardless of age.  Each day that you have been given has a purpose.  I am not claiming to know each and everyone's purpose but I am pretty sure it isn't to eat another box of bonbons while you watch the world go by outside your window.  

So regardless if you are 50 - 90 or beyond I invite you to reclaim your dream, take action, and embrace the joy of fully living your life just as James Arruda Henry did when at the age of 98 he became a first-time author after 91 years of illiteracy. Or the 2-time cancer survivor, Harriett Thompson, who took up running in her 70's and just broke the all time record for finishing the San Diego marathon in 7 hours at the age of 94. 

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Remember, your age is not a number on a calendar but rather a mindset.