New "Limited Time Offer" Buddy Program

2017 Eat  Healthy - Get Fit  

Our exciting new  "2017 Eat Healthy - Get Fit" Program is built on a foundation of science based nutrition and  the proven "buddy system"  that allows you and a friend to achieve individual health goals while working along side a personal Wellness and Nutrition Coach.  

Studies over the years have shown that when 2 people or more team up to lose weight and get fit together they are more successful than individuals who go it alone. A study from Indiana University showed that the 12-month drop-out rate for "buddies" participating in a fitness program was just 6 percent, compared to 43 percent among individuals who tried doing it in their own.  

Are you ready to  live your New Year's resolution and get fit ?  Then grab a friend and  lets get started.  

Limited Time Offer

Buy one - 

and get the second one FREE!

Jump Start Program includes:

  • Nutrition Profile Evaluation & Wellness Assessment  through personal computer log-in portal with Total Wellness. 
  • One-hour Initial Consultation via skype 
  • Individual goal setting with detailed action strategy and measurable.
  • Personalized Meal plan
  • 4-week grocery list
  • Food accountability journaling 
  • Daily motivational emails or texts
  • 2 weekly 30-minute Coaching Sessions via skype or phone 
  • Unlimited access to coach via text or email.
  • Access to original healthy  recipes 
  • Final Success Review with move forward action plan.

Offer Ends February 4h