Ode to a Holiday Office Party


"The Holiday Christmas Party"  oh we have all been there - the laughter, the music, the drinks, a time to let your hair down and celebrate ... But before you throw on your holiday sweater  - BEWARE there are risks to all that "fun".  Don't let the word "Party" fool you - this is still WORK. 

Over the years in my career (call it wisdom or maturity) I learned alcohol should never intermingle with any work activity - from after hour gatherings to business dinners.  However, during the holidays we are more susceptible to letting our guard down and “throwing caution to the wind” or should I say "throwing your career to the wind". Instead of seeing your holiday party as a "Party" see it as an opportunity because you are invariably socializing with senior executives with whom you do not interact on a daily basis. Make an effort to break away from your comfort zone and introduce yourself to those who might help your career and avoid the one thing that could end it. 

Ode to the Holiday Office Party

Twas the night of the party, 

 and all through the staff

Brilliant minds started wondering, 

"Do I drink or just pass?"

The answer was clear,

true and tested with time

drinks around co-workers

Is crossing the line. 

Yet Fred from accounting

cozied up to the bar

While HR stood watching- 

"Would he take it too far?"

When all of a sudden there rose such a clatter

Ol' Fred's holiday drinking

Was now HR's matter

And then in a twinkle

Fred's career took a dip  

Instead of a raise

he received a pink slip

So remember all you staffers

 "Do I drink or just pass?" 

Reputations are forever...

Office parties don't last.

  Cheri Tillman