A Journey in Self-Discovery


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A Journey in Self-Discovery

Why Do I Need to Read  

10 Days of Loving Yourself?

  • Build self-esteem that leads to life-long success
  • Remove self-imposed barriers to happiness
  • Learn to make joy a priority
  •  Discover the power of a grateful heart
  •  Improve your confidence
  •  Identify and remove self-defeating attitudes
  •  Expand your sense of wonder
  • Learn to have fun again


Enjoy writing your love story in this 100 page "I Am Significant" - Journal. Start out each day with a quote or positive affirmation that will motivate and inspire you to be the best you.


Something Awesome to Learn and Do Everyday!

Day One: Forgive yourself

Day Two: Stop Negative self -talkand replace with self-encouragement

Day Three: Be patient and Kind

Day Four: Support yourself with community

Day Five: Take Time to have fun

Day Six: Stop comparing yourself to others Explore your individual significance 

Day Seven: View the beauty around you and do something to enhance your environment

 Day Eight: Gratitude

 Day Nine: Pamper yourself

Day Ten: Practice self-care